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What are UnitedGP seasons? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Seasons become available at class PRO, Level 15.

Seasons consist of 6 race tracks (in class ACE or LEGEND it’s 10). Each day you have two tracks and the group is fixed from the beginning.

Your goal is to reach the best possible result on each race track. You can race unlimited times on each race track, but only your best result will count from that race track.

Seasons are also a great way to earn credits and STARS. The rewards are shown in the season overview.

How do seasons works?

Random groups of race teams take part in this competition. Once the season starts, the opponents don’t change anymore.

When you decided to take part in a season, the next step is to choose your season sponsor. Depending on your goals, you should choose the offer that best fits your situation.



Classes below Ace

Before you reach class ACE, you have 6 race tracks per season. From those 6 races your best three results are taken to calculate your race points in the table.

Example: If your top 3 results are 25 points, 10 points and 12 points, then your total race points would be 47. It’s possible to have a maximum of 75 race points, this is achievable if you win 3 race tracks. For each one you get 25 race points which comes out to the maximum of 75. Other results do not count for your race points but additional wins will come into play in case of a draw.


Classes ACE and LEGEND

With the unlocked second car your seasons become even interesting and more challenging. Plus, once you reach Class ACE, your seasons have 10 race tracks.

The top 5 results are used to calculate your table standings. Additionaly you can have two cars at the same time in the same race track. With this, maximum amount of achievable points is much higher from previous classes.

For example: With two cars at the same time in the same race track you can win up to 43 race points per race. But this will happen only if one of your cars finishes first (25 race points) and the other car finishes second (18 points).


In case of a draw, the number of victories is also considered. With the same number of victories the teams place as a draw. Only the teams that placed above the green line are promoted to a new racing class (some racing classes require more than one promotion).

Track overview

This screen shows which race track is currently active and which one will follow.


Here you can find lots useful information about the current race track, and you can see when the race track will switch. Clicking on the following race tracks will provide you information about that race track. With this info you know what car configuration you will need at that time, so that you can plan upfront and produce car components on time.


The Seasons history shows you an overview of your past seasons. Here you can see how you advanced through the seasons.

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