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Your first races Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

The tutorial will lead you through the first races in UnitedGP.

During those first races you should find out just about everything you need to do before each race and while you are racing. There are several important tasks you need to do before deciding to participate in a race. 
(This page gives you a very quick overview of the race preparations. Start here to read about every step in detail and start your race with the ideal setup.) 



Go to the garage to check if the components of your car are in good shape, or if any of them might need to be replaced.
You also should make sure that the mounted components fit to the current race track.  


The setup is important to be adjusted for each race. Here your driver will tell you what needs to be adjusted on your car and you will have a good view on how long the selected tyres will last.


The pit stop strategy is crucial in every race. The number of pit stops and the tyre selection should be based on the results of your test drive that you did during your setup. Make sure you check on your driver to make sure he is ready for the race.


After all these important tasks are done you can start your race.

Your decisions made before each race decide if your race will be a success, or if you will tag behind.
While the race is in progress you can still adjust your pit stop strategy and look at stats about your driver and car components.


  • Depending on your research progress, the amount of actions is limited to a certain number
  • After you have used all of your available actions, you can use one more using STARS
  • Your starting factory driver always has 1 as average strength
  • For each race you receive rewards, the better the result, the better the rewards
  • For each race you will receive goals which, if achieved, will earn you extra rewards


After the race is over you can check the race report. It shows you many useful details about your performance in that race, this of course can help you a lot in preparation for your next race.

You can check your last race report going to Strategy -> Race Report -> Show race report.

(This page gives you a very quick overview of the race preparations. Start here to read about every step in detail and start your race with the ideal setup.) 

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