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With each car you automatically receive one factory driver.

The second factory driver joins your team automatically when your second car is unlocked at class ACE.
This means you start with just one driver that starts with low stats but his skills can be trained to 20 over time. Factory drivers cannot be replaced, and they do not have expiring contracts.

Once you reach level 4, you can access the driver feature to hire additional drivers and start training your drivers. You can open your driver screen by selecting the main menu option STAFF.

At first you can hire 4 additional contractual drivers, with research you unlock the 5th and 6th slot. Contractual drivers have predefined contract durations and special talents. The contracts of these drivers can be extended up to three times.

In total it is possible to have up to 8 drivers in your drivers’ team.

Driver properties

Each driver has 4 main properties which define how good he will perform. It’s possible to train driver properties but for factory drivers properties can only be trained up to 20, except Energy which goes up to 100 for everyone.

Driver Properties:

  • Energy - Defines error probability
  • Endurance - Defines his energy loss while racing
  • Reaction - Defines overtake and block chances
  • Precision - Determines the ideal line accuracy and the efficiency during acceleration and braking. affects error probability.

Some drivers have special talents and the effect from that special talent depends on track characteristics and weather.

Hint: It is a good idea to switch between driver depending on track conditions.

Contractual drivers

You can hire up to 6 contractual drivers, 2 of which have to be unlocked with research. Contractual drivers have predetermined contract duration. Contractual drivers can be trained up to max value of 100.

As long as contractual driver has an active contract, he can be sold. It’s possible to renew their contract up to three time.


To train your driver, simply select a driver from the list, and select which property you want to train on the right side.

Driver training costs you credits, you can choose how much you want your driver to train, which is a value between 1 and 10. The higher the selected value, the higher the cost, and the longer the training will take. It’s possible to train several drivers at the same time, but it’s not possible to train multiple driver properties at the same time for the same driver. Once training is started you need to wait for end of it before starting new one.


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