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Research is an important aspect in UnitedGP and should be started as quickly as possible. Research lets you unlock driver actions, strategical advantages and other things that will help your team succeed. Every item you research gives you something unique.

The first research items in the research tree are quick to research, the further you advance, the longer the research takes, and many items have to be unlocked by researching their predecessor or by reaching a specific level first.

Every hour you receive 1 research point. Make sure you use the points, as the number of points you can collect is limited and once the limit is reached no more points are collected.

Each research item in the resarch tree requires a specific number of points to be fully researched. You can add all points at once, or add the available points a few at a time. If you don’t want to wait, you can research any unlocked item right away for STARS.

Some bonus items can be researched only with STARS. You don’t have to research these to get further in tech tree, but they are great to push your team ahead.


  • Every hour you receive +1 research point. You can reduce the waiting time by researching a research bonus
  • Spoiler: In January we will add a new staff member, the engineer. He will also reduce the waiting time.
  • STARS can be used for faster research
  • With progress you are able to explore and climb up the tech tree
  • Research points can be found in the Mystery toolbox as well
  • Research points can be used to purchase tyres as well. This option however is not advised until you are done with research, as the research points are very valuable until that point.

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