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Racing class and level Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Your racing class and level are the best indicators on how far you have advanced with your career as racing manager!
But that’s not their only purpose.They are much more important for your further development.

Your class and level are shown at the top of your screen in game, you can’t miss them.

Clicking on either opens information boxes about how much more experience you need for your next level and what you need to achieve to advance to the next racing class.

Class and level are important for
research and car component production. Many components and research items require a specific level before it’s possible to produce them. Some components also can’t be produced if you haven’t reach a specific class, for example tier 13 and higher components require you to have at reached class ACE.

The requirements are clearly marked on each component and item.

The higher you advance in your career, the more game aspects become available. You unlock your second car, more types and better quality components. There are also more racing options available the farther you advance, so you should always keep your progress in mind!

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