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Ranking and Hall of Fame Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

To see where you stand compared to other racing managers, open the ranking screen using the rankings button in the header menu. The rankings screen is split into two parts, RANKING and HALL OF FAME.


The rankings show your overall position based on all your achieved results so far.

The global rankings show your ranking compared to other managers based on race points earned. You can select to view the ranking for all time, the current week or just from today. The filter lets you choose if you want to just see managers from your own country, racing class, or even if you just want to see your followers or the teams that you follow yourself.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame gives the overview of the best of the best. Once a manager reaches racing class LEGEND 5, his racing results are counted towards the Hall of Fame ranking.

The Hall of Fame shows the Top racings teams in a range of different categories:

  • Most victories
  • Most victories in a row
  • Most victories in one day (each day in UnitedGP starts at 0:00 UTC)
  • Most Race points
  • Most race points in one day
  • Most championships won
  • Most championships won in a row
  • Most race series’ won
  • Most promotions in row
  • Most podium positions in custom races (public custom races with at least 5 participants)
  • Most podium positions in row in custom races (public custom races with at least 5 participants)

And of course you can see who is the best in the world based on UGP points. UGP points are calculated from all other categories.

You can select each category to see the top 10 racing teams and their achieved result in that category.

If you make it into the Hall of Fame, Congratulations! You are on top of the world!

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