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On the settings screen you can change several different parameters. Open the settings menu using the gears button in the header menu. 


Team settings

This is the place to change your racing team logo, manager and racing team name. You can also choose a different country and language.

If you want to reset your account, you can also do that right here. This gives you a chance to start fresh.

Be careful: An account reset CAN NOT be undone, not even through the support system! Make sure you read the confirmation screen carefully!

Sound and Graphics

You have the option to choose if you want to have sound effects while in game, set the volume level and you can choose to have only sound effect while browsing the game or just while racing and vice versa.

More about Parallax in graphics can be found here.

Info and Support

Here you will find a lot of valuable info about the game.

Support offers three options:

  • Leads you here. This is the perfect place to find answers to most of your questions
  • Forum (access to the UGP forum)
  • Contact us (If you can’t find answers to your questions or have a problem to report, you can reach the support right here)


To be able to play from several devices you need to connect your account to an E-Mail address, to facebook, or google+. You will receive a STARS bonus for connecting your account to facebook or google+.

Important: Connecting your account is the best way to protect your account against loss. A connected account can easily be recovered in case you have to reset your device unexpectedly.


You can decide if you want to allow private messages from everyone, managers you follow or from nobody.

You can add managers to your “Ignore list” to keep them from messaging you. You can manage your ignore list right from here.

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