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Choosing the right components for the race Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

After you have taken a good look at the race track for the upcoming race, it is time to take a look at your car to choose the best components. 

Choosing the right components

Every race track is different, and to get the best result you should equip the best components for the current track conditions. 

There are usually two different components per TIER for each component type available. Those components have a different attribute setup that makes them suitable for different situations. 
On high speed tracks for example you should use components that increase you top speed, while components that increase corner speed should be used for tracks with many turns.

Mounting the best components for the current race track can make the deciding difference during a race. Even if your Performance Points (PP) do not change, the better distribution of attributes will show greatly on the track.

You might have some higher TIER components available that you have received from a mystery toolbox. Those components are great to push your car even more, but it might be a good idea to keep them for races that are more important to win.

To push your car a bit more, you can also upgrade your components and by that increase their attributes.

Car condition

Before every race it’s a good idea to check if your car is in good shape and see if any of your components need replacement. 

It is important to keep an eye on your components even when you keep driving on the same race track. 


The better the condition of your components, the higher the Performance Points will be. Also, if the condition of any of your components is very low, the chance for a car breakdown rises significantly.

Hint: Instead of recycling worn components you have the option to upgrade each component once. That way you can use your components twice as long, and improve your car's performance at the same time!

Careful: If you replace any component, keep the car setup in mind. Unless you are replacing a component with a new version of the same kind, you will need to go back to the setup and run a free training to adjust the setup if needed.


Now that your car has the perfect equipment, it is time to finetune the setup.

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