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The first step to take before starting a race is to take a close look at the race track the race will be driven on. 

There are many different race tracks in UnitedGP. 
Each racing track is unique, with it’s own properties. Each track has several important stats to check before you continue to racing.

  • Location (Country, City)
  • Track length
  • Track layout
  • Laps (number of laps)
  • Weather condition

To take a closer look at the race track, open the race screen.
Each track has several red and green areas:
  • Red - Critical corner
  • Green - Slipstream area

Race tracks with many slipstream areas and few sharp corners are much faster than those with lots of corners. 

Racing tracks have limited time of availability, to check how long the current track will be available, simply look at the timer in the race track information area of the header. 

Examining the race track closely lets you prepare better for your race. Each track layout creates a different racing environment. So the first thing you should do is take a look at your components to select the ones best suited for the current track.

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