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The racing strategy Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Now that your car is adjusted perfectly for the current race track, it is time to set the strategy for the upcoming race.

Pit stops and Tyres

After you prepared your car, it’s time to set the racing strategy. Open the Strategy menu to do so.

First you should decide on your pit crew strategy. You can decide if you want your pit stops to be performed slow and safe or fast and with an increased risk of errors. The higher the skill of your pit crew, the faster they will perform the stops, and the lower the error probability. 
But no matter how good they are, if you choose high speed, you risk errors.

Your pit stop strategy is crucial to your overall race time so choosing the right times and tyres is important. From the feedback your driver provided during free practice you can gather how long each tyre type will last on the current track. That should make it easy to set a pit stop strategy that is ideal for the track.

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the strategy during the race. Driver errors can reduce the time your tyres last, so sometimes it is needed to go into the box early.

Special rule: Once a set of soft tyres is used, at least one set of hard tyres must be used and vice versa.

On the strategy screen you can also see your last race report.
The race report provides information about your previous race and might help you better decide on your pit stops.


If you have multiple drivers to choose from, it might be a good idea to change the driver for the race as well. The best driver depends on his skills, as well as the special talent your contratual drivers may have.

Always keep an eye on your drivers' energy. Low energy increases the error rate and reduces the chance for takeovers. 
Choosing a different driver or boosting his energy with training could be a good idea.

Once you have set everything it’s time to start your race. Simply click on the “Race” button in the main menu to join the race.

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