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Your racing team and manager Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Your racing team

Your racing team can consist of up to 2 cars and 8 drivers that you have full control over. And of course you also have a pit crew that works for you during the race.

To take a look at your driver team, click on the staff tab in main menu.

In the showroom you can check out your car (and later on both cars) and change its name and appearance.


To edit the name of your car, simply select the car (if you have two) and click on the pen symbol on the right side.

Select the spray paint bottle on the right to change its look. The higher your level, the more design options become available.


Your manager details

To open your manager details click on your team logo located in the upper left corner (It rotates between manager details and the current race track)

Here you will get some account information, racing statistics, your cars and drivers, and your trophies earned.


To edit your manager details and logo open the settings menu on the top right.

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