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Racing in UnitedGP Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Once you have completed your race preparations, it’s time for racing!

To start racing, simply click on “Race” and then on the “Join race” button. If you have joined a season and/or race series, the race will count towards your season and series standings.

The race

Each race in UnitedGP is made up from the qualifying which decides your starting position, and the main race.

All races in UnitedGP can be watched live, and during the race you can influence a few parameters of your car and driver:

  • Actions can be used during qualification and main race
  • Driver tactics can be adjusted
  • Pit stop strategy can be changed



Depending on your research work you can use several actions during the race. Actions temporarily influence your car or driver during the race.

Driver tactics

Driver tactics can be set to three different settings: defensive, balanced or aggressive.
Both the defensive and the aggressive tactics give you advantages in the race, but both are exhausting for your driver and he will use more energy. The component wear is also increased.

Pit stops

Even though you have already set your pit stop strategy, you still can change it during the race. Especially during tight races it might be useful to take a risk and delay a pit stop.

The live ticker will tell you when your pit crew makes errors. 

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