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The main race Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Once you have completed the qualifying, it is time for the main race. Your starting position depends on your results during qualifying.

For each race you receive a race target. If you are able to reach this target, you will receive an additional race reward. The race target get harder with each race in which you reach your target. 
If you miss the target, the difficulty goes down. 

The Race

The basic race screen gives you a great view of what is going on. You can follow each car’s position on the track and watch as drivers fight for the best position. The current lap it displayed above the track.

Your own car is marked in blue, so it is easy to see where you are at any time. And anytime a driver makes a mistake, the icon blinks to give you more information.

On the left side of the screen you can see current race rankings, on the bottom you can read about your current activity in the live ticker, and on the bottom right you see your pit stop strategy, actions available and you have access to more options.


The main thing you can do during a race to influence the outcome is activating actions. In every race you have a set number of actions you can activate. That number can be increased through research. Not all actions are available from the start, they are unlocked over time through research. Their effect is also improved through research.

Check the Actions page for more detailed information and a list of all available actions.

Live standings

To get detailed information about the current standings, you can expand the ranking view by selecting the white arrow.

Here you receive many important infos.

  • Lap and checkpoint times for each driver.
  • Number of pit stops performed
  • Current tyres
  • Actions used
Lap times are coloured:
  • Yellow colour - Default time
  • Green colour - Personal best time
  • Red colour - Disqualified
  • White colour - Most recent time
  • Purple colour - Overall best time

Live ticker

The live ticker on the main race screen always shows the last activity of your driver. You can expand the live ticker to see preview activities.

Live Details

To get more detailed information about your car and driver, you can expand the detail view by selecting the arrow next to the pit stop strategy.


Here you receive information about your driver, including his energy level.

You also see your available actions, and how many you have already used. You can start actions right from here or from the main race screen.

On the right side you receive more information about your car. This includes the condition of each component, the condition of the tyres, and the current driving speed.

As from the main racing screen you can view and change your pit stop strategy from here.

Once the race is over the
race results are published and the race rewards are paid out.


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