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Race results and podium Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Once you have completed your race it is time to check out the race report and collect your rewards.

The results overview gives you a lot of information about the race. From here you move straight to the podium to collect your rewards.

On the podium screen you see exactly what the previous race will earn for your team. For each race you earn credits and experience. And if you place in the top 10, you also earn race points.

You will also see if you have reached your race target, and the associated bonus pay.

If you are taking part in a season, you also see if the race will push you ahead in the standings. (In the screen below for example the team has already achieved a better result for this track in the season, so this race will not affect the standings.)

If you want even more information about the race, you can open the race report.

The race report focuses fully on your team and gives you pointers as to how you can improve your team even further.

The race report shows your racing activities round-by-round. That way you can see if your pit stop strategy was good, what actions you used and which mistakes happened. 
You can click on each error to get detailed information.  



Each race earns you credit rewards and experience, the rewards are based on your current level. 
The top 10 drivers also earn race points.

To see the rewards for each race just open the race screen. 

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