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Custom races in UnitedGP are races that run completely independent from the regular career system.

Custom races are a great option to drive additional races and to compete with other managers. Your car components will not wear down as in career races, so you do not have to produce any extra components for your races.
The first two tyres used in a custom race are also free, only the tyres after the first two are deducted from your stacks.

Tickets are used to participate in a custom race or for creating a custom race. You receive one free ticket 24 hours after participating in a custom race, but no more than one free ticket per day. You can buy additional tickets to drive even more races. 
You can also receive tickets from mystery toolboxes.
If you create a custom race and the race is cancelled due to low participation, the required ticket will of course not be used. Tickets are not deducted immediately after joining or creating a custom race, they are deducted once the custom race begins.

You can create your own custom race, join one with a code or you can join an existing public lobby. To access the custom races screen, go to RACE and than select CUSTOM.

If you have an invitation code you can directly click on JOIN LOBBY.

Public lobbies are shown as a list above, You will see the race settings right in the list so that it is easy to decide which race is right for you.

Creating a custom race

Creating your own custom race is really easy and takes only few moments to setup.

Select CREATE LOBBY to get to the settings screen for your own custom race.

The first think you should decide is which race track you want to host the race on. You can choose from many different race tracks.

The next step is setting the number of laps, maximum amount of actions which can be used and maximum waiting time.
You can also decide if you want to race with or without handicap.
Lastly you have to decide if you want to create a public or private race.

After you have set all parameters, you can create the lobby. One ticket is required to host your own custom race.


Handicap and Drivers

If activated, handicap equals out the PP (performance points) of each racer to the same, previously selected number, which means that everyone will be equal with a perfect setup at the start of the race.

Your factory drivers are driving your cars during custom races and every driver in a custom race has equal skills.

Rewards from custom races

You will earn credit rewards from custom races, and with a small chance you can receive research points. Since you don’t wear down your components, you will in return also not earn XP or racing points. The races are also not counted towards the ranking.

Custom races are calculated into your racing statistics shown in your manager details.

Your success in custom races make up two categories in the Hall of Fame.

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