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Actions and driver tactics Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Activation actions and changing your driver tactics are the easiest ways to influence the outcome of a race.


There are 10 different actions that you can activate during the race. Each action has a different effect, so choosing the right one at the right time is important.

Each action stays active for a set amount of time.

When you activate an action you are shown an info box about the action details.

Hint: To view the action details you can perform a longpress on any action icon to open the info screen. The screen also opens when you click on a currently activated action.

At the beginning not all actions are available, you need to unlock them through research. You also start with just 5 actions that you can use for free during each race.

Over time you will unlock all actions through the research tree, you will unlock more actions to be allowed per race, and you can extend the duration that actions will stay active.

List of actions:

  • Full speed - Increases top speed by 50 - Decreases component durability by 10%
  • Corner slamming - Corner speed is increased by 50 - Driver energy reduced by 10%
  • Iron Man - Increases driver energy by 20% - Improves handling by 20
  • Full Focus - Improves breaking and corner speed by 25 - Driver energy reduced by 10%
  • Tyre Treatment - Improves tyre durability by 30%
  • High revs / RPM - Improves acceleration by 60 - Decreased tyre durability by 10%
  • Longlife Oil - Improves component durability by 40% - Decreases acceleration and top speed by 20
  • Engine power pack - Improves top speed and acceleration by 25 - Decreased tyre durability by 10%
  • Special brake fluid - Improved breaking by 40 - Decreases component durability by 10%
  • Energy drink - Increases driver energy by 15 - Decreases stress by 15 (This is the only action without a duration but with an instant, permanent, one-time effect)


Driver tactics

You can change your driver’s tactics at any time during a race.

There are three different settings possible: defensive, balanced and aggressive.

Choosing the right tactic at the right moment can bring your racing team closer to reaching your goals.

  • Defensive tactics are good for blocking your opponents. But the components wear is increased significantly. Your driver will also tire much faster.
  • Balanced tactics is the standard setting and it’s set at the begining of each race.
  • Aggressive tactics are good to improve your overtake chances. But the components wear is increased significantly. Your driver will also tire much faster.

The key to success is to use the driver tactics at the right time. Keep a close eye on how the race progresses to pick the right moment.

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