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As everywhere else, money management is an important aspect in UnitedGP. You will need a steady income of credits to pay for the production of components, hire good drivers and other staff, buy tyres, run free practice, and more. 

The second currency in UnitedGP are STARS. STARS can be used at many places throughout the game to give your team the edge over your opponents. 

There are many ways to earn credits and STARS throughout UnitedGP:


Your sponsor pays you a regular income, and all you have to do for that is to collect it regularly. The payment amount depends on your career progress, and it can be increased with research
You also receive a bonus through your season sponsor.

Make sure that you collect your money at least once a day, otherwise you will waste money. 

Quest rewards

While you are driving your races, fighting to win the season or race series, you can always work on quests to earn credits and STARS. 
The rewards for quests vary greatly based on their difficulty, but the extra income is always worth it. 

Race rewards

After every race you drive you earn race rewards based on your result. The reward amount you can earn is based on your racing class. 

Race target

Before each career race you will receive a race target that you have to reach to receive an additional reward payment. 

Everytime you reach your race target, the target for the next race will get harder. If you miss your target, the target for the next race will get easier. 

Season rewards

Seasons are not only fun and push you ahead in your career, they also earn you a great extra income, especially if you complete them in a good position

You can also earn a nice amount of STARS when you successfully complete a season. 


Race series rewards

While the reward amounts you can earn for a season are quite a bit higher than those you can earn for a race series, the advantage of a race series is that you can earn the rewards much faster. While a season takes several days to complete, a race series takes a maximum of 3 hours, and can be completed in under an hour. 

Hint: it is a good idea to always sign up for a season and a race series. That way your career races count as regular race, season race and series race at the same time. 
That also means that your investment of car components will earn a higher payment than if you drive just a regular career race. 

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