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When you first start out, you begin with one racing car. Once you reach racing class ACE, the second car becomes available.

In the showroom you can view your cars and change their name and design. In the garage you can outfit it with technical components. Keeping your car in good shape is key to being successful! (more

Racing cars have 6 key attributes that are made up from a base value that depends on your racing class and the components attached to the car. The higher the level and condition of the components, the better the attributes of your car will be.

Car attributes and performance points

Each car has 6 main attributes that tell you how good it is in each area, meaning, how well it can perform on the track. To see your cars’ attributes go to your garage. The attributes are:

  • Top speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Handling
  • Corner speed
  • Lightweight

The different attributes have varying importance depending on the race track. For example, on high speed tracks the top speed of your car is most important, while a track with many turns requires a car with good corner speed.

The Lightweight attribute has no direct affect on the performance, but the “more light” the car is, the higher your acceleration will be.

Hint: To get the most out of your car during each race, the component setup should be adjusted depending on the race track. (more)

The sum of all attributes put together equals the performance points (PP) of the car.

While each attribute influences the behaviour of a car during the race differently, the performance points give a good general idea of how strong a car is.

Condition gives the overall condition of your car, meaning, the average condition of all installed components. When components wear down, their attributes change, so a car with lower condition will have lower Performance points, even if it uses the exact same components. 

Tyres affect the performance and behaviour of your cars greatly as well, but are not used to calculate the PP.

Hint: The PP are not a fixed value during a race. They slowly go down when components wear down and temporarily go up while some actions are active. 

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