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You can open other managers' profile pages from many places within the game. At any point where you see another manager, you can simply click on the team logo.

Or you can search for a manager directly. Open the message screen from the header menu and select "Search manager". 
You can look for other teams by manager or team name.
Then simply click on the logo to open the manager profile.


The profile page of other managers is very similar to your own, it shows their racing stats, car and driver, and their earned trophies. 

On the top right you will find 4 buttons to interact with that manager

  • Follow manager - When you follow a manager it makes it easier to keep track of their progress. For example in the Rankings you can filter to just show your followers or the teams you follow
  • Send message
  • Ignore manager - If you are ever bothered too much by another manager, you have the option to add him to your ignore list
  • Report manager - Here you can report a manager for breaking the rules like using inappropriate manager or team name

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