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Tell-a-friend is a feature which allows you to easily invite your friends and earn some rewards for doing so.

To access the Tell-a-friend feature you need to open the Ranking page and in there in the bottom right corner you will find the TELL-A-FRIEND button.

There are two options for sending an invitation, you can use E-MAIL or Facebook or as an alternative method by which you give your friends your code located on the page and which they need to enter upon registration.

If you choose to send your invitation using the E-MAIL option you will need to enter your Name, Name of your friend and their E-Mail address. You also have an option to choose in which language your invitation will be (there is 16 available languages).
You can only enter one email address per invitation.

The facebook option is the easiest, as you only need to login to your facebook account and share your UnitedGP invitation link. The link with your invitation code will then appear at your profile page.

Whoever registers with your invitation code will automatically appear in your “Invited by me” tab option.


The “Invited by me” tab shows everyone that has accepted your invitation.

Important: If a friend doesn’t enter your invitation code during registration, he won’t appear in the list of invited friend and you won’t receive any rewards.


When your invited friend reaches class PRO you receive 250 STARS, at ACE you get 1000 STARS and at LEGEND 2000 STARS.

Additionally you receive a duplicate of the first STARS package that the invited friend bought (only once for each friend and counts only for their first purchased STARS package).

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